success is a mindset
 not a time set 
life is a lesson 
 nothing less

 no rush to press
 this game of chess
but if you fell and flunked the test
here's some words to keep in the back of your head
kill em with kindness never forget 
teamwork make DreamWorks dizzy said
check the  struggles you possess
 reassess caress them your blessed

 profess obstacles that forgot the rest 
dress  to impress
be thankful for every painful breath 
live life free of fear of death 

when its over say thank u sir 
may I have another.  
these are my word to the ones that hurt.


My website is supposed to represent me how I want to represent myself to any of listeners or to any labels that may consider having me and my music join their team of producers and other artists. I don’t know how they all want me to be so I’m just gonna represent myself the way I am. My blog is gonna be entries straight from my journal or song book. What you might find at this bar is me at my rawest form.


Latest from the Blog

What is the one thing in this life that is guaranteed?
other than death, what is the one thing we all fear the most?
i give you a hint it jingles and we all hate it. (NOT SANTA CLAUSE GENIUS)
its change, but just like the noisy little weights that usually go in a jar at the end of the night; we all rely on it at some point in time.
with it, we go insane trying your best to keep up with it and to adapt to it, and it frustrates us because as soon as we catch up to it it suddenly changes again. This forces us to adapt and survive or fall behind as one of the forgotten. With so much change happening all at once we forget about how these changes we are rapidly trying to keep up with can change the way we think about ourselves and our surroundings. We constantly forget how we should be treating one another, but that doesn’t resonate with anyone’s minds anymore now we are all so focused on how we treat ourselves we forget to even consider how were treating anyone else. We think ” they aren’t worried about how they treat me, why should I be worried about how we treat them? ” First of all, that’s not the right way to think, now I can hear what your thinking in my head as I write this, ” who the hell is he to tell me how I should be thinking! ” Hopefully now your wondering how I’m reading your mind. What your reading came from my mind. Anyway, our parents all raised us hopefully with the same beliefs in mind, however time caused corruption within our minds. In time, we got so frustrated with it or them that we forget to think about all the effort they put in to raise us to be decent people.
Or maybe somewhere along the way maybe they slipped up and made some mistakes their not particularly proud of and now they have to live with those mistakes. Hence the change they need to make to better themselves.
When we see someone we look up to make a mistake, us as children watching from the outside in see a hypocrite. Not a man or a woman actively and openly working on themselves.
They work to change these behaviors with hope in their heart that their children will follow the path they paved for them. however knowing the child may need to tread their own path and pave it for themselves, we just have to hope they can do that while maintaining respect for their fellow Earthians. If we all take the same path as our idols then we are constantly making the same mistakes. We are supposed to tread our own path and adapt the skills we learned from our idols when similar situations are encountered.
When you look back and you think of a time you witnessed someone you care about extend an open arm to help lift someone they hardly know out of the gutter they seem to have stumbled in, return the kindness by spitting on that loved ones face and rubbing salt in the would by stealing their purse or wallet. I witnessed it when I was younger. I witness it every day. We want to hate the person for the crime they committed. We blame that person for the crimes committed everyday. However, we forget to put ourselves in the shoes of that criminal and walk twenty miles in the shoes they wear everyday. That criminal let the world change who he or she was before the struggle. Then forgot how to accept kindnesses as what they are. In the criminals mind, all they think is; ” why is this person being nice to me ?” “What is it I have they want? they’re trying to burn me or set me up ? forget about it I’m gonna get them before they get me. “
That’s when you see the criminal return the kindness with spit on the face.
I’m not justifying the action or the thought process, I’m just trying to get everyone on the same page to understand the mind of the criminal. It doesn’t make the criminal a bad person. It makes him a person on a path of their own. This person could have been your mom or your dad, twenty years ago.
We all have done bad things in our lives, but its not what you’ve done in your life that makes you a monster. Its what you do to better the lives of the youth that are following right behind you and looking up to you. If you know these things and continue to idolize these behaviors, knowing you have someone that looks up to you and continue to glorify it; then you are the problem with society and a monster.
If you are not actively trying to improve the future that our children and other children grow up in then you are actively a problem. Which brings me to the original topic;
Its always going to be in our lives and we can always strive to be better. Not better than our neighbors or the person you idolize, but better than who we were yesterday. If we all spent everyday actively working to be better than the person we were yesterday, then by time we reach the finish line and look back to the journey and the path we took to get there;
we realize, we may not have been perfect the entire time we spent on this earth; however, when actively striving to perfect who we are. By the end, we will have accomplished one full day of perfection, With time being a manmade construct to map the time we spend on this planet, that actually time runs simultaneous with space and always expanding. Is our time just relevance as to where we are in space or is to say ; what is, is what will be, because that’s what it was. Does that make it safe to assume that’s what it will always be because that’s what it always was? Because of that there is no reason to make it better? No, because what was what when we are always working to change what it was to be better than what it was or what it can be. It will always be what it was, With the knowledge of this, its up to us to decide what we want want it to become.
We can have heaven on earth if each one of us decide that’s what we want it to be. We have to understand that the youth may not entirely understand this concept. Without understanding have to undergo their own trials and errors for them to learn from.
This may cause hell for the people who love that person to watch go through such a hard time. As someone with their own past full of mistakes, we must exercise patience for the younger minds of the world. We must have faith in the future and all the ones that make up the future. If we cant save one person, Then we might as well give up on hoping to saving the world, To save the world we must first save ourselves and to that we have to be able to understand ourselves in perspective to who we want to be. After reading this, do we still hate change as much as we think we do? Or is it something to really think about and contemplate with a little self reflecting to go along with it. It is April 5, 2021 and these are the things I think about when I get bored or alone. thank you.


I was down for the count Lost with no care  I was stalled somewhere between Leave me be and help me   please  When the roads intersected  i fell to my knees  The crossroads with evil itching beneath Trembling remembering the help i reject repetitively I was wanting to quit this quickly Demons were waitingContinue reading “1%”

Make Love Not War

Make love war make love not war we been here before and we’ll be here again make love not war slam the door put holes in the wall blood on my hands call her a whore tears falling from her chin why do we do this over and over we do it again why fightContinue reading “Make Love Not War”

In this world

Love is a lost word  On this planet  Love is for the damned  Meant for the lamb  In a field filled with fiends and snakes  Ghouls whose goals is grown  to go and take with the face  a smile secretly fake  There was a time when love was a gamble Now its a sample ofContinue reading “In this world”

here i am

with the future in my hand still i stand with a mic and a firm fist in my hand held tight with a plan with my best friend paper and pen i ink like g’s in the pen waiting to be released again set free from the demons within on the street and armed toContinue reading “here i am”

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I won't stop 
I want tens of tens 
of hundreds of thousands 
I won't stop till I can drown
in a champagne fountain

I won't stop 
I want tens of tens 
of hundreds of thousands 
I won't stop till I stack

 a milli or a Billi for really 
I won't stop
till I make a killing 
ya feel me 

if your in my way 
no interfering 
or I'll give u a real reason 
to really fear me  

ya dealing 
with J Wynn the clown 
but I'm seriously 
not clowning 

Ima be at the top 
if I have to chop down the mountain 
I won't stop 
so stop doubting 

from the bottom 
and locked away 
called a problem 
and forgotten till today 

out and about rapping 
my way to freedom
watch me slay

Sinning and winning 
my way to center stage
To clown my way
Into getting paid  

reach the peak 
I'm on my way 
got to wet my beak 
we all got to eat 

so I'm filling my plate
if life's a buffet
then I'll jump in line
for a slice of the pie 

we all get some 
but I'm fighting for mine
To share with the entire pride 

that's why you won't see me
The lion loose out  last in line  
I know what time it is 
Its time to get a bite tonight 

as soon as I get my foot in the door
I'm booting this bitch
let me in the music biz 

I won't stop 
I want tens of tens 
of hundreds of thousands 
I won't drop 

Till I drown
in a champagne fountain
I won't stop 
I want tens of tens 

of hundreds of thousands 
I won't stop till I stack 
a milli or a billy 
for really 
I won't stop till I
make a killing 

I'm ready and for really willing
I put in the work 
flow wet 
like offshore oil drilling 
don't light up yet 

these pages I'm filling 
spit flame
with words I'm spilling 
spoken so chilling 

a story so thrilling 
it's hot call it searing
I'm the chef with this

I'm grilling a dream fulfilling 
insane but in game 
can't tame the beast 
cuz greatness awaits me 

So cold I froze antifreeze 
so hot my flow below 30 degrees
Behold the oldest soul born in the ninety's
Can't stop I strike with the force of lightning 

Won't stop till I'm eternal like the all mighty
Immortal my music can't die  
Can't stop the tide 
So crown the clown king tonight 

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